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Cobalt DBS - Launched general contracting firm with an unlimited building license in North & South Carolina earning annual revenue of $2M. The firm specializes new construction homes and retail restaurant upfits in urban settings.



Cerulean Investments - Launched property aquisition and lease management firm specializing in low income residential rental property. Homes were renovated, leased and eventually sold. Annual revenue of $1M. Actively managed an average of 30 homes.



The Roofing Store - Launched by a desire to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.



Coltrane Development Company - Launched boutique residential development company that acquires urban distressed properties or raw land, works with appropriate government agencies to receive land entielments for highest and best use, and design/builds architecturally compelling community of homes for sale. Annual revenue $3M. Actively manage $1M in investor funds and $2M in bank funds to finance developments.



Imprint Properties - Launched urban infill commercial development firm to acquire historic buildings in transitional but aggressively developing areas to transform them into thriving destinations for restaurant, retaill, and entertainment clients. Adaptive re-use. We work with government authorities to entitle properties for highest and best use, commission architects and engineers to transform old buildings into spaces desired by today’s clients and the communities they serve, work with contractors to execute the architect’s and our vision, and then negotiate mutually beneficial leases with clients that maximize developer profits while proividing a favorable CAP rate for investors. Annual revenue $400,000. Development Value $5M.