Having worked on hundreds of real estate projects in urban Charlotte across various economic cycles and changing consumer trends, we understand how to identify the locations that attract the suitable urban target audience for creating profit predictability for our investors. We can do this because we are hand-on instead of analysing data from a desk.

Managment Style

Our systems are time-tested. We understand how to problem solve and appreciate that is why we have a job. We take pride in our work and only work with investors, contractors, and buyers who are confident in their purchase. We don’t give up when problems get really challenging and instead negotiate and think further outside the box to bring about a satisfactory outcome. We bring order to an chaotic and risk-filled process. 



Our network of highly specialized real estate brokers bring us both unorthodox and market value deals where we can visualize an end game that is both an enhancement to the community and profitable for our investors. Our company does not suceed on finding a diamond in the rough nor does it hold out for the highest bidder. We make timely purchases, plan efficiently and execute consistently to produce a predictable outcome year after year.